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As the New Year is approaching us, we can’t seem to defy time in any manner, therefore we must use it at the best rate we can.


As the New Year is approaching us, we can’t seem to defy time in any manner, therefore we must use it at the best rate we can.

Working in a Business Center, we often see individuals looking to set up their dream businesses and make their ideas turn into reality. The new business market is no longer a niche original. Many ideas are quite similar to one another however are differentiated and set apart by their branding and marketing. One could only fathom how the business world will evolve as the days pass.

What many business idea owners cease to understand is that having a great idea is not the trick to solving the equation of success. It all goes down to dedication and hard work (and obviously a great office representation - no pun intended!).

Our serviced offices are designed to fit you. With various types of office spaces, we are positive you will find the perfect suite for your businesses. Referencing to entrepreneurs, cost is always a concern; that is why, we at ABCN have developed packages to ease the worry of that. The perfect package includes a license, a visa and a fully serviced workstation. Your license will be issued from Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone Authority, making you 100% owner with no interference from another party. Not to forget the tax free benefit! The visa will be issued from DSOA free zone too and is valid for 3 years! Our package will assure a speedy process in getting your legal paper work done and issued. After the license and visa, an entrepreneur will need a space to showcase their business, and what better way it is than having it through an international provider. The perfect package gives you a great workstation that is accessible 24 hours a day and includes your own local landline number to give your business the oomph it requires. You automatically get to use the PO Box number, Fax number and our prestigious location as your own business address.

In order to start pitching a business idea and be taken seriously, your business needs to be legitimate and you will require an official address. With our perfect package, we make sure that you are completely set to conquer the business world. We equip you with only the utmost professional service and are always pleased to customize our services and offers depending on each client’s requirements. At ABCN, personalization is key.

Living in Dubai is a luxury. We are privileged to have the ability to experience a rich culture and be surrounded with many great minds. Dubai opens doors for networking with such interesting individuals from different industries. We, at ABCN, try to incorporate that in our business culture with our monthly networking events. We have found it very useful to have our clients meets monthly and interact, exchange business ideas and meet the latest joiners to our network. With that opportunity, an entrepreneur gets full exposure to our existing network, not to forget, our worldwide network. Being an international serviced office provider, we are able to provide our clients with worldwide access to our offices, conference rooms and business lounges to entertain their guests at a professional level. Whether you are looking for a one day access or a longer contract, ABCN is here to assist you in your requirements and provide you with the best service.

Keep in mind, an entrepreneur is only given the privilege to be called an entrepreneur should they keep on innovating and evolving. A main key for our growth is the growth of our clients. We strive to watch entrepreneurs grow their businesses. One of the challenges that we have seen many go through is time management.

How are you with time management?

Here are a few of our favorite pointers:

  • Carry a schedule, a small booklet with your daily work and to do list
  • Take 15 minutes every morning to lireliare your to do list of the day
  • Keeli your lihone away from you for at least 15 minutes every hour
  • Make sure you try to finish every task in hand before going to the next
  • Treat yourself after finishing an imliortant task (liat on the back!)
  • Delegate
  • sleep well

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Keep an eye for our new business center openings! We couldn’t be more excited.

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  • "I would like to point out that the level of service by Beatriz, Lydia & Francesca is exceptional. All three members of your reception team are always willing to go out of there way to be of assistance. They are a great asset to your organization."

    Pritesh Raikundalia ,Spinwellglobal

  • "GREETINGS TO THE RECEPTION TEAM !!!! Your pleasant greetings with a smile, politeness, positive attitude and good directions always makes our working hours really easeful…"

    Charles Soans ,Manager FQR Trading S A FZCO

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