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Is hot-desking the best option for an entrepreneur in the UAE

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Is hot-desking the best option for an entrepreneur in the UAE

Flexible working is all the rage in entrepreneurial hotbed cities like London and San Francisco – to name just a couple – as companies and start-ups look to keep down the mounting costs of working in these popular locations. But is working in these shared spaces a smart option for entrepreneurs in the UAE? And what effects does it having on them personally, and on their businesses? In this article we are going to explore whether or not this ‘workplace of the future’ is a good choice for UAE entrepreneurs starting up their own business.

Rubbing Shoulders with Professionals and Widening of your Network

Hot-desking may lead to new connections in the industry, which could in turn help entrepreneurs in a number of ways – from finding new clients to picking up on some ‘tricks of the trade’. Every time they sit at a new desk they are almost guaranteed to meet someone new and in turn expand their network of personal and professional contacts. This means they will be able to network with a number of businesses, whether relevant to their field or not, and help each other out if needed.

Increased Production and Lack of Private Space

Most people find that their productivity increases when working within a shared space, mainly because there is a ‘buzzing’ atmosphere and everyone feeds off of each other’s good (and occasionally bad) vibes. Of course, when there is someone who is having a bad day, an argument with a client, or has received bad news, that is likely to rub off on those around them, too, which could be awkward and detrimental to your mood and business. 

Saving Much Needed Cash and Having Flexibility

When starting up a business, an entrepreneur may not have many – if any – employees. And by using a hot-desking service instead of paying to rent a big, empty office, they will be able to save costs all while being flexible. Having the added bonus of being flexible will benefit them too, as they will be able to choose the hours they work by fitting it in around their day-to-day life, have a place to retreat to if they need a desk and some peace and quiet, as well as being able to choose their perfect spot that they feel comfortable in to enable to get on with their day ahead. But, if concentration is an issue, working around other people and in a somewhat noisy atmosphere, could end up impacting negatively on those who cannot separate themselves from the distracting atmosphere around them.

Overall, hot-desking is a helpful and positive way for entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground, to feed off of other professionals’ energy, and to be surrounded by others who could potentially help them, all while cutting costs and having the flexibility one needs while sorting out all of the kinks. But, once up and running, when there are more employees involved and there is a need for private space, hot-desking may not be the right choice in the long run and there will be a need to find an office for rent in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or your chosen location.

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Nazir is a business writer that is driven by company dynamics, CEO insights and creative outputs. Particularly interested in business and property development in the UAE, Nazir is your go-to guy for all your company-related queries.

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