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The art of making the right decision.

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Much of my work as a sales manager involves helping people wrestle with an important decision.


Much of my work as a sales manager involves helping people wrestle with an important decision. Some of these decisions feel particularly big because they involve selecting one option to the exclusion of all others when the cost of being “wrong” can be substantial.

Difficult decisions like this remind me of an incident which happened a few years back while I met this young gentlemen from Brazil who was fairly new to Dubai, UAE. And trust me when you are new in a place you sometimes feel everyone who you are meeting is going to give you a run for your money. You think a thousand miles before taking that one step. So this gentlemen wanted an office space and he was referred by one of our online brokers, I fixed up an appointment with him to understand his requirement.

In our 1st meet he explained that he was forming a new company and wanted an Ejari to get his license. For me he was just another client who wanted an office space. After interacting with him for about 20 minutes I learnt that he needs special attention and needs to be explained everything in detail since he was not sure if he was getting the right information. He didn’t know what an ejari is and he didn’t know if getting a serviced office was the only way to get an ejari.

Once he was done explaining everything I explained him the difference between mainland and free zone and also explained him in detail how a company is formed. After a brief explanation which went for about 20 minutes which he quietly listened and made notes to, he realized that I was the one he wanted to trust his money with. We had a deal…

In this entire experience I learnt one thing that decision making could be difficult but “It is not what a person feels right now, but what he or she anticipates feeling as the result of a particular behavior that can be a powerful and effective guide to choosing well.”

So when we’re stuck or even paralyzed by a decision, we need more than rational analysis. We need to vividly envision ourselves in a future scenario, get in touch with the emotions this generates and assess how those feelings influence our level of commitment to that particular choice. We can’t always make the right decision, but we can make every decision right.

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